Gary Gritness
DOOM Remix

Limited 36 Tapes Edition

About Slikk Tapes

Why cassette tapes ?

I always loved tapes.
I love the thick sound and the classic feeling of it.

I always wanted to do some of my releases on tapes,
and I wanted them to be special.

Remembering home-made mixtapes and playing in Hardcore bands, I chose to do very limited releases, all by hand,
from the stamps, to the taping, booklets and mailing.

It was only natural then, that these tapes
are offered exclusively on this website.

They're done by a tape fan, for tape fans.

-Slikk Tim



Gary Gritness: DOOM O.S.T. Remix
60-minute double sided, 36-run, September 2016

Gary uses his signature setup to give the original
MIDI files a thick, deep, screaming, crunchy
and John Carpenter-esque sound, while retaining the original's coherence of synth-rock and sci-fi ambiant.

Taped at +2 on ferro for maximum dirt, only 36 are made,
with each booklet featuring the map of one of the original 36 Ultimate DOOM levels.

And for all serious DOOM players,
check out this page to use the remix in-game !



Gary Gritness - DOOM O.S.T. Remix [ST-001]
This tape is sold out. Thanks to all of you heads who got a copy !


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